GreenZen represents simplicity, honesty and balance through food and drink, that which we digest, fuelling us through each day.

We found that the best vehicle for this cause is through a cuisine and word which originates from Hawaii, namely, Poké. Poké means "Diced" typically associated with raw fish salads, which we have interpreted from a Japanese culinary perspective. 

At GreenZen Poké & Matcha Bar, we create and combine all things fresh, organic, green and healthy and due to our applauded transparency have built this website so that our customers can enjoy many of the ingredients we use at their very homes. 

I believe that everyone is capable of change and reaching their full potential. I put this to the test on the 26th October 2016, quitting a "safe" corporate job in the summer of that same year, and pursuing a new enterprise, regardless of experience but with constant regard to good effort and a high inner moral standard.


Many trials and tribulations later, we have our first store, our beloved flagship store in Canada Water station. Staying true to our grounding, we will continue to strive and produce good new innovative products for the community and beyond.

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Founder + MD

Before the opening of GreenZen on the 26th of October 2016, Sean conceived of a store which reconciled the price and portion sizes of restaurants offering high quality Japanese/Hawaiian food and high quality organic salads into affordable products on the go. Sean is committed to a hands on approach, ensuring that every aspect of GreenZen's services and products are understood, managed and transferred correctly to the employees of GreenZen, ensuring the survival and improvement of GreenZen. He created and works at the Waterloo and Canada Water stores, and will continue to recreate the GreenZen menu's, generates and delivers the online and traditional marketing content, the GreenZen website and the forthcoming GreenZen products. 

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