Futaba Noritamago Furikake, 60g


Noritamago is one of the most popular flavours of furikake (rice seasoning) in Japan. Nori means seaweed and tamago means egg. This furikake also contains sesame seeds & fish flakes. It not only tastes amazing, but will surely impress your guests and instagram followers with the vibrant and diverse colours.


I use this particular brand of Wasabi Furikake at the GreenZen Poké & Matcha Bar to season not only the Green Tea Rice of the Teriyaki Chicken and Samurai Tuna Steak Poké, but also as seasoning on the Tofu and the Salmon Poké of the Vegetarian Poké and Everyday Salmon Poké respectively, and customers love it! I also use this sparingly over the Miso Sesame soup to add crunch.


Cooking Instructions


Sprinkle on plain rice to create a tasty meal, or in a soup to add to it's flavour.


Glass jar with dispenser lid.


Origin: Japan


Manufacturer: Futaba


Ingredients: White Sesame See, Loactose, Egg Yolk Powder, Starch (Potato, Corn, Sweet Potato), Salt, Dried Laver, Corn Flour, Sugar, Dried Fish Shavings (Maclerel (Fish), Sardine (Fish), Bonito (Fish)), Flavour Enhancer (E621, E640, E635, E311iii), Flavour (DL-Aranine, Disodium Succinate), Yeast Extract, Wheat Ferm, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Ethyl Alcohol), Green Laver, Dextrin, Kelp Extract, Colour (E101, E160c, E160a), Hydrolysed Protein (Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Yeast, Salt), Fermented Seasoning (Glucose Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Rice, Ethyl Alcohol, Salt, Malted Rice), Acid (E330), Spices (Garlic), Glycyrrhizic Acid



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