NEW Oreo Full-Sized Matcha Green Tea Sandwich Cookies, 18 cookies, 95g


Released on March 7 2017, these brand NEW Oreo Green Tea Cookies, are Yamazaki-Nabisco's latest product in the Japan Original Oreo “Uji Matcha" Series, which blends a number of Oreo-branded chocolates and biscuits with matcha produced from Uji in Kyoto, one of the nation’s most revered tea-growing regions.


Exclusive to Japan, the Matcha Oreo Cream Sandwich Cookies contain two individually wrapped packs of nine biscuits. 


This is a much sought after limited edition product imported from Japan, so please order before they run out! We will only have these in stock a few times within the year, so for details on when they will next be in stock please email or call us.



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