Organic Edamame (soybean) Gluten-Free Spaghetti, 200g


This rare product from Denamark, is a gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian approved, and none-GMO product, made 92% of soybeans, and 8% of water, making these beautifully green edamame (soybean) spaghetti's not only super tastey, but boasting incomparable high protein to low fat content; for every 44.8g of protein in 100g of spaghetti, you would have ingested up to only 4g of fat! That's insane! This is truly a great product for those who love Italian spaghetti, are health conscious, are or are not vegan, are against genetically modified products, and have any kind of allergen such as gluten intolerance. There are NO allergen ingredients in this product.


Pop by to the GreenZen Pokè & Matcha bar on a Friday at the Waterloo Lower Marsh Road branch, or Sunday at the Canada Water branch, to taste these wonderful green edmame spaghetti!


Origin: Denmark


Manufacturer: Royal Lotus


Ingredients: Organic Soybean (92%), Water (8%)



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