Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder, 100g


Premium matcha green tea powder is perfect for making the Japanese matcha green tea drink, ice creams, latte's and various baking products. Matcha powder is a much-sought after powdered green tea from Japan,with dusky, sweet vegetal flavours, 10 times more potent in terms of antioxidants and beating free radicals than ordinary green tea. The tea leaves are cultivated in the shade, dried flat in the sun, pulled off the leaf skeleton and then slowly and carefully ground into a fine, green powder. This smart black and gold tin is resealable and will look smart on any kitchen shelf.


The beautiful glowing green colour of this particular premium product can be seen in picture 3. I use this Matcha at my GreenZen Poké & Matcha Bar for all Matcha Green Tea and Matcha Latte products and the customers LOVE IT!


Producer: Hotta Katsutaro Shoten Co.


Origin: Japan


Ingredients: Green tea.






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