Tarako Furikake Rice Seasoning, 60g


Tarako furikake is one of Japan's favourite rice seasonings flavoured with umami rich fish roe.


The colourful sprinkle-on seasoning is a blend of sesame seeds, bright pink dried fish roe, forest green seaweed, and bright green tea powder granules. Simply sprinkle a teaspoon of tarako furikake seasoning over a bowl of plain rice to transform it with a splash of colour and intense, umami sea-salt flavours. You'll never want to eat plain rice again!

As well as spicing up rice dishes, use furikake tarako to season tofu and side dishes, or even add a Japanese twist to a bowl of plain popcorn. This large Japanese design glass shaker jar looks beautiful in any store cupboard and will last for quite a while (if you can hold off for that long) .


Ingredients: starch (corn, sweet potato, potato), white sesame seed, pollack roe (fish), soy protein, salt, lactose (milk), glucose, flavour enhancer (E621, E635, E640, E3311iii), flavour (dl-alanine, di sodium succinate), dried laver, egg yolk powder, sugar, hydrolized protein (soy beans, corn, wheat, yeast, salt), colour (E120, E160c, E160ai), dextrin, yeast extract, kelp extract, green tea powder, green laver, acid E330. Contains allergens: sesame, fish, soya, milk, egg, wheat.



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