Wagashi Dorayaki Lemon Cheesecake 75g

Wagashi Dorayaki Lemon Cheesecake 75g


A dorayaki pancake dessert with one of its most classic fillings. This dorayaki pancake consists of two thick, spongy, sweet pancakes, held together with liberal amounts of sweet lemon cheesecake filling. This is a must-try dessert for lovers of pancakes and cheesecake alike.



The origin of Dorayaki pancakes dates back to feudal Japan, when a Samurai warrior forgot his gong (dora) when he left a farmer’s home where he was hiding. The farmer used the gong to make round pancakes, hence the name dorayaki (yaki meaning ‘cooked’). Here at Japan Centre we have some delicious dorayaki pancakes available for you to try.



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